About us

About us

We are always at your service to save your health.

Özel Star Medica Hospital, with the principle of serving with respect and love to human's health, started to serve in 2010 with its distinguished physician staff, healthcare personnel, patient-oriented approach, medical infrastructure and technology .

It has been providing qualified health services for 10 years with its professional medical staff in Tekirdağ's Süleymanpaşa district, 17 of them in intensive care building with 42 beds.

  • 7/24 Emergency and Ambulance Services
  • Professional Physician Staff
  • Specialist Health Units
  • %100 Patient Satisfaction
  • 42 Bed Capacity
  • 17 Intensive Care Units

Our Values

With a patient-centered approach, we strive to create the comfortable conditions for all patients and their relatives. “We are here for you and to help you”, this is our main approach policy. We provide equal service to all our patients without any discrimination, respecting patient rights. By establishing open communication with our patients, it is ensured that according to the diagnosis we take into account all their wishes during the treatment process.

We realize the importance of our employees being a whole-hearted team that focuses on a mutual result - the development of our company. We understand that we will develop, creating common goals and values. We control the quality of services and the development of health care.

In our services, we attach the priority to the use of not only our intuition, emotions and experiences, but also we consider the developments in qualitative health care.

Our Vision

In modern health care we follow the all researches, changes and developments and reflect them in our practice, supporting our experienced and professional staff with constantly continuous training, adapting to new technologies. Our credo: “To be one of the leading health institutions of Trakia”.

Our Mission

The health service is considered as one of the most sacred services, offered to humanity, in all specialized branches. To be a healthcare institution that provides the quality service by keeping patient satisfaction the most important for us. With our knowledgeable, interested, respectful, friendly staff, using the latest technologies in diagnosis and treatment methods, our patient health is in the safe hands.

Chairman of the Board


Dear colleagues and our patients, we have implemented our hospital, which started to serve in Tekirdağ in 2010, together with you, hand by hand, in accordance with today's conditions, aiming to become one of the best hospitals in Trakia. This is our main goal, that's why we are constantly improving, reaching new heights. In this direction, based on our technological and experienced colleagues, we have ensured that our valued patients will be able to take advantage of all our capabilities, based on continuous development, without compromising our quality policies. I hope our success and growth will be permanent.

Business Director

Atakan POLAT

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Chief physician

Exp. Dr. Sema HALHALLI

When we first entered the Faculty of Medicine, the first Latin sentence we learned from our professors was "PRIMUM NON NOCERE" ... what means: "FİRST, DO NO HARM!"
This Latin expression for my fellow physicians and me became a law throughout our medical activity.
We set out with the philosophy of "Health for All" with the expert physician staff, who do not compromise the medical ethical principles, respect the patient's rights, follow the new researches in medical publications, improving their knowledge and experience. Our physicians are the experienced and friendly healthcare professionals, devoting ourselves to our profession, always happy to serve you because the most valuable is the people's life. A doctor is not a profession, this is a vocation!