Mar 2020

Childhood Obesity

The modern technologies enable people to access processed, high-calorie food cheaper and faster. Processed food is attracted by serving larger portions, cheap price and additives that increase their taste. The fact that product promotions on TV increase every day, so the tendency of children to unhealthy food accordingly also increases proportionally. Adding that our children spend their time inactive with […]
Mar 2020

Which organ in our body occupies the largest area?

Have you ever guessed what is the biggest organ in our body?! Your skin … What are the main features of our skin? First of all, your favourite and timeless clothing, that is, your interface with the outside world … In other words, our skin is the sensory organ that contacts with the universe … The stimuli from the outside […]
May 2020

Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)

Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Corona viruses, a type of virus, are named with the word corona, which means crown in Latin, because they are compared to a round crown with protrusions on it when viewed with an electron microscope. Coronaviruses have been seen in our society for years. The simplest and the most common is the common cold. A group of […]
May 2020

Strong Immunity

Healthy suggestions for saving the strong immunity during Ramadan. Our eating pattern, which has deteriorated due to the situation we are in, will change again in the Ramadan period. In Ramadan, which consists of two meals, consumption of vegetables and fruits decreases, while consumption of red meat, rice, pastry and desserts increases. Nowadays, when the immune system is gaining importance, […]